Amazing What Grace is Found Here!

Growing Spiritually -- Building Community

MorningStar Renewal Center seeks to be a place where:

  • members of various organizations can connect;
  • people of different faiths can share their commonalities;
  • retreats can be held;       
  • clergy and lay ministers can come to be refreshed
  • the people of God can be encouraged and energized in their faith.

MorningStar Renewal Center is pleased to begin a number of new day and evening programs, creating more opportunities for spiritual, personal, and community growth every day of the week. Visit the Calendar

Program Areas & Offerings:

  • Growing In Faith - Programs to enrich, enliven, and ignite your faith and to deepen your relationship with God. Daytime and evening sessions offering varied opportunities for prayer, reflection, learning, and dialog with others as important avenues to fostering ongoing spiritual growth. Programs include:
    • Weekends & Days of Retreat
    • Evenings of Reflection
    • Breakfast with the Saints
    • Professional Leadership Development Series

  • For The Family - A variety of sessions developed to help strengthen and support the family unit, the domestic church, in all the joys and challenges of family life. Programs include events for the entire family as well as times set aside just for couples. Scheduled events include:
    • Couples Evening of Reflection
    • Childbirth Preparation
    • Parenting Seminars
    • Healthy Living Seminars
    • Youth Retreats

  • Ministry Development - Programs created for ministers both ordained and lay; professional and volunteer, with an aim to provide support, ongoing formation, networking possibilities, and some good 'ol R & R. Programs will include topical offerings of interest to those in ministry as well as days (or a few hours) set aside for ministry groups or teams desiring a time of retreat together. Specific offerings include:
    • Ministry Networking Seminars
    • Parish Staff Retreats
    • School Faculty Retreat
    • Ministry Enhancement Programs


  • Ecumenism - Ecumenism is the promotion of unity, cooperation or improved understanding between distinct religious groups or denominations within the same religion. Programs will be presented from a variety of religious perspectives in an effort to promote greater mutual respect and cooperation between people of different religions.

  • Just For Fun- Events to gather, connect, and just relax with friends - old and new.